Inane Babble

Short little pieces from the random and somewhat (really) bizarre mind of Andi. I’ll be trying to do three a week (or more), and topics could be just about anything (but will probably involve making fun of myself). I’m aiming for five minutes and under, not counting the intro and outro.

You can listen either via the embedded media player for each episode, or by directly downloading the episode by clicking the title. I’m not going to mess with iTunes for such short pieces.


Episode 8b: Kelwin


Episode 8a: Tasis


Episode 7: Sleep Is Beautiful


Episode 6: I Say HEY! What’s Goin’ On?

(Listen all the way to the very end. Ivan changed things up.)


Episode 5: Don’t Wanna/Pancakeface


Episode 4: Fear Of Edits


Episode 3: Teambuilding Exercise Survival for Introverts

(I meant four episodes, not three. Whoops.)


Episode 2: Stupid Smart People


Episode 1: Fart Juice

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