Very short audio episodes brought to you by me, Andi Van, in which I babble incoherently about random subjects, most of which have nothing to do with writing and everything to do with procrastination.

New episodes occur randomly, despite my early ambitions to do it a few times a week during my free time. HAHAHAHA FREE TIME HAHAHAHA…haha…ha… [insert sobbing noises here]


Episode 1: Fart Juice

(The bad thing I didn’t want to discuss in this episode was my 15-year-old cat, Koi, dying. Yes, the current Ghost Cat. Clearly she didn’t want to be apart from me, either.)

Episode 2: Stupid Smart People

Episode 3: Teambuilding Exercise Survival for Introverts

Episode 4: Fear of Edits

(This episode makes me kind of bitter now, given I talk about my now-former publisher.)

Episode 5: Don’t Wanna / Pancake Face

Episode 6: I say HEY! What’s Goin’ On?

(If you listen past closing credits, Audio Guy changed it up a little.)

Episode 7: Sleep Is Beautiful