A Different Breed of Intentions

People who know Aiden Price would call him broken. Everyone else would call him fucked up. Given that he witnessed the brutal murder of his parents when he was eight, it’s no wonder that he wakes up screaming from nightmares nearly twenty years and hundreds of therapy sessions later. Luckily for him, he’s got the support of his godfather and his childhood friends. And, apparently, a ginger cat, who’s begun showing up in his dreams to chase away the horrors waiting for him there.

Except the cat doesn’t stay in his dreams, and suddenly his world is turned upside down by a long-standing feud between factions of shifters. None of the people he cares for are who they seem, and he’s hearing he’s supposed to be one of them. With so many things that shouldn’t be real facing him, Aiden’s pretty sure his tenuous grip on his sanity is about to slip away completely.

Estimated Release : Autumn 2020

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