So, it’s December 1 here in California, and I’m happy to say that Krampus Hates Christmas has been released to the world.

I’d also like to say that I have a blog tour set for it, but I don’t. I failed miserably on that. However, I do have a release day post at Eliza’s Imaginary Adventures. I talk about my feelings on the holidays and how they inspired the story. (Also? You should be reading what Eliza writes. She’s a brilliant wordsmith, and I was honored to celebrate my release day with her.)

I’ll also have a guest post on Krampusnacht (that’s December 5) on MM Good Book Reviews, because they’re awesome like that. I’ll have a link up when it actually happens.

I’m more than slightly nervous about this story, because I’m so fond of it, but I feel that way about several of my stories, so I’ll get over it.

On a possibly interesting (and certainly amusing) note, rereading the story two days before release had me missing the central coast of CA. There’s a little tourist town that shows up in the book by the name of Solvang. It’s where Lewis owns his shop. Solvang is a real place, and there’s actually a Christmas shop there that inspired Lewis’s. So next weekend, I will be taking a day trip with a friend to Solvang, so that I can get pictures of Jule Hus’s current displays, pick up a slab of peanut butter fudge (because yes, the fudge shop really exists), visit the candle shop, and stop at the cellar I buy mead from. I’ll be posting photos on my Instagram and on my Facebook for those of you who might want to see what you’ve been reading about.