Wow, I am so bad at updating. In my defense, I work what feels like a billion hours a week on what feels like zero sleep, so I’m bad at a lot of things right now. Thankfully my schedule will be calming down in a few weeks.

New Things:

Krampus Hates Christmas

Krampus is part of the 2016 Dreamspinner Press Advent Calendar, and will be available for individual sale starting December 1. If you buy the entire pack, it will show up on a secret, pre-selected date. If you’d like to buy it by itself, the sales link will be active on December 1, and I will be posting it here, on my Facebook account, and on Twitter.

Touching the Moon

Touching the Moon is one of two new pieces of serial fiction I have running on right now. Channillo is a subscription-based service, but you can read Chapter 1 (Part 1) for free without a Channillo account. Touching the Moon updates every other Sunday.

The perfect boyfriend, a supportive twin, and his dream job — Zephyr Siamendes really didn’t think he could ask for more. Except, as it turns out, the only one of those things he could count on was the supportive twin.

With the life he’d hoped for crumbling around him, Zephyr is forced to spread his wings, aim for the stars, and touch the moon. He only hopes his wings don’t turn out to be made of wax.

Spelling Errors

Spelling Errors is the second of two new pieces of serial fiction I have running on right now. Like TtM, you can read Spell 1: Tea for Ew for free without a Channillo account. Spelling Errors updates every other Sunday.

Magic is loose in the world. Loose and…kind of boring, really. The magic-abled use it to do things like summon coffee or make the bed. It’s mundane. Commonplace.

Unless, of course, your magic-abled witch of a roommate is complete crap at magic. Then you end up with zombie lawn flamingos, cups of compost tea instead of the Earl Grey you were promised, and the Prince of Darkness hanging out in your living room.

When bad magic goes insane, who knows what might happen?


  • I am making tentative plans to attend GRL next year.
  • I will definitely be at Yaoicon next year. Everything went to hell this year and I missed it, but I’ve been promised the money I paid for this year will pay for next year’s badge.
  • NaNoWriMo is coming up. I am participating, but I don’t expect to make the 50,000 words as I’ll still be working 56 hour weeks at two desk jobs through November. If I make 25,000 I’m counting that as a win.
  • I am so, so far behind schedule. [sobs] Hopefully the calming of my desk job schedule will mean I can actually write again.
  • I’ve been getting a lot of “she” in reviews and just general conversation. Last year I was okay with that. Since then, I have become really freaking not okay with being misgendered, and I ask that people use my preferred pronouns. To reflect this, I have added a section under my disclaimer that states the following:

My pronouns are they/them. I identify as nonbinary, and I ask that you not misgender me. For more information about nonbinary gender identities, I recommend