I’ve been mostly avoiding social media since last weekend. I’ve been checking for messages and things I’ve been tagged on. I’ve shared a few links. But by and large, I’ve been gone.

I have a hard time processing death. I am, in fact, still processing what happened in Orlando. So as you can imagine, going through my feeds to see the resulting posts about bigoted assholes who think the entire LGBT community deserves to have Orlando happen everywhere, pictures of the victims, and stories about the funerals… I can’t. I just can’t.

So I’ve stayed silent, for the most part. Because I’m not ready to talk about it, and posting my usual crap blather seems disrespectful right now. Instead, I’ve been writing while binging on documentaries on Netflix.

So yes, I’m horrified and heartsick and grieving, just like everyone else. But I’m also on overload.

Again, I’m checking notifications. I’m reading messages. I’m responding (mostly – please don’t take it personally if I don’t). And I’ll slowly start to creep back onto social media. Probably in the near future.

Just not yet.