I’ve mentioned this before on Facebook and other social media platforms, but since Magic Fell is getting ready to come out (I’ll do a post about the blog tour this weekend, the first stop is here) I’ve been getting “she” a lot.

I am not a she.

I am a they.

And while I get why people automatically assume “she”, it’s still not fun being labeled with a gender that doesn’t fit you.

I identify as non-binary. My gender identity falls somewhere in between agender and male. Don’t let the boobs fool you – I am simply a person with boobs, not a woman. And I HAVE actually known men who spelled their name Andi, so suggesting that I chose a “feminine” pen name won’t get you anywhere either.

And while I won’t get mad at you for “she”ing me, it would mean a lot to me if people could try to remember “they”. Please?

(This post brought to you by the exhausted person who’s had more than one person “she” them today.)