So, the p20160323_204849icture? Yeah, that’s my proposed schedule for the next four years. It could change. Only three of those items (the rest of the Mages’ Guild trilogy and the standalone YA merman book I’ve been working on a tiny bit) are kind of set in stone.

But let’s talk about the schedule, huh? For the rest of 2016, I have a holiday story that I’ve had knocking around in my brain for a while, the second Beginnings & Endings book (which is Brandon’s story), and a story set in Hell. I can’t WAIT for that one.

2017 begins with a series (which I tend to refer to as the Intentions series) that you’ve gotten a glimpse of if you’ve read a certain holiday story that involves a drunk were-elk. While the series starts off with Raine (the wolf), you’re likely to catch a glimpse of Haven and Martin again. After that is the third book in the B&E series, then the second Mages’ Guild book.

For 2018, I’ve got the final book of the Mages’ Guild trilogy (though you’re likely to see more set in that world), followed by the second Intentions book and the fourth (and currently last-planned) B&E story. I’m nervous about that one. It’s going to be even more painful to write than Brandon’s because…well, it’s Roddie’s.

Yeah, I know. Everyone hates Roddie (and for good reason). And you’re going to hate me for making you feel bad for him. But I’m going to do it anyway.

2019 kicks off with a story I’m setting in a fictional town within the part of Montana that I consider home. It’s not about cowboys (sorry). It’s about an architect, of all things. That’s followed up with the YA merman story and the third (and currently last-planned) Intentions story.

Whew! I’m going to be a busy Andi!

Also speaking of schedules, I have three other things related to that topic:

  • I have one more convention planned for the year. I will be at Yaoicon in September. You can probably find me hiding behind AV Sanders. A lot of really great authors are planning to be there, so if you can go, I highly recommend it.
  • I will NOT be at GRL this year. Partially because I have zero desire to go to Missouri, but mostly because my panic reactions were so negative last year that I just don’t think I can do that to myself again so soon.
  • Magic Fell is set for release on May 19. [insert fanfare here] I’ll be doing a separate post about that so I can share the cover and talk about it without all the other babble.

The only bummer is that I’m moving the week before Magic Fell comes out, which is going to make promo…interesting. On the plus side, I’m only moving an hour away from my current location, into an apartment with J.

Yes, THAT J.

Yes, the world is doomed.

I’ve done a little updating on the site. Hopefully the book listings are a bit more organized now. And I removed the listing of manga I was the editor for, since I haven’t seen a sales report from them in ages. I’m sure as hell not pimping their stuff if I’m not getting paid. Sorry.

Despite my complete lack of free time (those of you who follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook are already aware from my whining that I’m working 56-hour weeks at two different desk jobs), I’m contemplating dusting off a piece of fiction I started probably 15 years ago. It’s a sci-fi furry story, and it’s a good story that would just need a little revamping. We’ll see. I released what I had done (I never finished it) online as serial fiction on my old website. I’d still want it to be serial (and would likely set up a separate wordpress on this domain for it), but I need to be sure I have enough of a buffer in case life happens. I’m still just playing with the idea right now. Furry fiction might not be the way to go (I have no idea how many gay romance fans are also furries – I’ve been out of that community for a long time), and this story can’t really be changed to NOT be furry.

Also, Atom Yang has a new book out today. You should read it.