So today is the day that the audiobook version of SWTU was released. And I immediately started listening, because I have this awesome day job during which I wear headphones and listen to audiobooks all day as I work. Yes, really. It’s pretty damn awesome.

First I should note that listening to it at work was probably not a wise move on my part, since I kept snickering out loud, and I’m positive I made people in the neighboring cubicles nervous. Also, I kept alternating between grinning like an idiot and trying not to cry because holy shit. My boys were living, breathing people during the nearly five hours I listened to them. I adore the narration. I really need to see if I can get someone to at least forward an email to the narrator so I can let him know how much I appreciate what he did for my story. I really hope, should Brandon’s story also go to audio, that the same narrator is available for After the World Ends.

Now, before I talk about After the World Ends, let me give you the link to the audiobook on Audible in case you didn’t see it above:

So, Brandon. Everyone wants me to fix Brandon (or at least start him on that path). I’ve got bits and pieces of scenes that I’ve started writing, but writing has been extremely difficult for me lately. Partially because I’m currently working 56-hour weeks at two desk jobs for the next few months, but mostly because I’ve been fighting a pretty bad bit of depression. For months. And it’s really hard to write when all you want to do is hide under the blankets and never come out.

Thankfully, I finally think I’m seeing the end of that, even if it’s just for now. Especially after listening to the first book. I WANT to write Brandon again, without the hint of “oh god, I have to write sequels” that’s been plaguing me since the downturn in my mental health hit. I WANT to write about the Great Lawn Flamingo Migration. I WANT to tear Brandon down and start to build him back up. I WANT to revisit my little fictional world. And that’s a huge relief to me.

So here’s my promise to you: I’ll start by figuring out my “office hours” for writing. And I’ll spend the next couple of days outlining. And then, by the end of this week, I’ll start writing Brandon’s story. Despite the fact that my mother is going to nag about wanting more of Magic Wept (the sequel to Magic Fell) first. :)

Hold me to that, okay?

Speaking of Magic Fell, though, work on the cover has just begun. I am extremely excited about the release this summer. I obviously wish my grandmother was still around so she could be here for it, but I’d like to believe she’ll be here in spirit.