Yes, I know, that’s dangerous and I should be careful not to hurt myself. But seriously, bear with me.

Background: My brother and doctor-in-law own a B&B in Millinocket, Maine. I was talking to him one day (as I do most days) and made a vague statement about how it might be kind of cool to hold a writers’ retreat there sometime.

And the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.

I mean, think about it. It’s very much a GLBT-friendly place of business (because my brother and doctor-in-law are awesome like that), it’s a very nice B&B, the owners are both creative people, and if I plan it for the off-season I’d probably get us a pretty good discount. (The last is not the most important part, but it IS important. I won’t lie.) Plus, there’s coffee available 24/7.

If this sounds remotely interesting to you, the website for the B&B is (and if you look at the Chicken Room, I’d just like to point out my mom made that chicken quilt because she’s bad-ass like that). If you have a pet you can’t possibly leave behind, two of the rooms are pet-friendly (barring the insurance-industry “A-list” of so-called aggressive breeds of dogs – my brother will be the first to tell you that he thinks that list is COMPLETE DOODY and a dog should never be judged by its breed, but their insurance makes them do it and he can’t budge on that). There are 7 rooms, with a maximum occupancy of 16 (the two pet-friendly rooms have two queen beds, the rest have a single queen bed but my brother did assure me that air mattresses or whatever would be fine so long as we don’t go over 16 people).

This would obviously not happen this year, and maybe not next. I’m thinking late fall, because it’s off-season but not freezing (usually, anyway, from what I gather). It would obviously have to be planned around larger events (such as GRL), but…I think I really want to do this.

But I obviously can’t do this if there’s no interest.

So…anyone want to go to Millinocket? :)