I am made of fail and should have posted this weeks ago. It’s been…stressful.

Because I’ve been so incredibly blocked in my writing, I told myself I was going to write something for this year’s DSP Advent Calendar. So I did. And I thought it had no chance in hell of being accepted, because I at least can tell that I was forcing myself to write when I read the story.

Amazingly, it was accepted. Hopefully during edits, I can fix what I perceive as needing work.

This will be up on the Coming Soon page shortly, but the unofficial blurb (i.e. the one I used when I submitted the story) is as follows:

When Elliot Knapp was forced to make a business trip over the holidays a year ago, he certainly didn’t expect to run into the professor his college boyfriend cheated on him with. The man was handsome, certainly, but Elliot had better things to do than deal with drama from a decade ago.

Luckily for him, Howard Wise wasn’t going to let him get away without an explanation. One year after meeting again, the couple are making their first holiday trip to celebrate Christmas. Everything is fantastic, but Howard is obviously keeping secrets and Elliot can’t help but wonder what exactly his silver fox has up his sleeve.