Once Upon A Time There Lived A Dork

This dork spent many years of misspent youth playing Dungeons and Dragons and a variety of related wargaming-and-storytelling games. They were full of arbitrary limitations, awkward and often inconsistent rules, and horrible overused cliches, but they were lots of fun anyway.

Many years later, this dork started to miss all that, and thought it’d be fun to try to recapture the enjoyable elements of those old games while fixing the unenjoyable parts. Beneath is the result of this urge.

What’s the premise?

Beneath is basically a fantasy-type setting where people get drafted into being Adventurers. Epicanis (my brother, and the afforementioned dork – also, that’s pronounced as ‘epi canis’, not ‘epic anus’) actually created an piece of audio promo that sums things up really well. You can find that at http://beneath.opuscast.com – and if you’re wondering who Elmny Oldir is, he’s my character. And he REALLY doesn’t want to be an Adventurer.

So what’s up with the stubbed toes?

Well, the dork’s younger sibling (that would be me), made the mistake of saying something that birthed a Campaign Hare (which is a close cousin to Plot Bunnies). This is the campaign that The Other Van Sibling wants to do a test-run of Beneath with. At the moment, he’s got one guinea pig (again, that would be me), but we need more people willing to play a campaign using a rule system that’s still in development.

Do you play seriously? What’s the tone of the game?

My brother and I are well-known for our love of the ridiculous. While he’s serious about the rule system and I’m serious about helping him, the game itself is not likely to be too serious. If you ever joined a really horrible D&D campaign where the players were far too militant about their characters and sucked all the fun out of things, rest assured that we can’t stand that either.

He’s also got an epub full of info about the setting, and that will help give you an idea of the tone, too. Once he’s done updating it, I’ll post the link.  Here it is.

I CAN tell you that my brother runs fun games, and that he’s good at it. He’s the one who taught me to play D&D when I was eight years old.

Where can I learn more?

The wiki for Beneath can be found at http://blinky.dogphilosophy.net/dorkuwiki/doku.php – check it out, look things over, and if you want to join in then please get in touch with us.

Okay, but how do I get in touch with you?

Your best bet is to contact Epicanis directly, since this is his baby and I’m just a minion. You can do this in a couple of manners.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/epicanis
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117231980905216630589/posts
Email: epicanis+venison@dogphilosophy.net

You could also contact me, but I will totally just herd you over to my brother.