This morning, I decided I needed to get back into the habit of using writing prompts and just typing out the first little thing that came to mind.  So I downloaded this app, paid for the two extra packs, and went with the first one I got, which was “Describe a relationship from the point of view of a pet.”

And so I did.  It’s completely unedited and quite possibly crap because it’s nearing 11:30 and I got only 4 hours of sleep last night, but at least I did it.

I was in the middle of a rather glorious nap when a loud thud against the apartment door woke me.  No one likes being woken from a nap, but especially not a cat.  I was not amused.

I could hear a giggle and a moan, and then I heard the doorknob jiggle a few times as if it were being blindly groped for.  I rolled my eyes and sighed, because I knew exactly what this meant.  My roommate had brought home the guy he was seeing.  I’d yet to meet him, but I’d heard the roommate talk to him on the phone.  He actually sounded serious about this one, so that was something, but if the new boyfriend didn’t like cats I was screwed.  And not in the happy, fun way.

The door jerked open and my roommate and his boyfriend nearly fell inside, a tangle of limbs.  Unfortunately, they didn’t see me in my usual spot and I didn’t have a chance to move before the new boyfriend stepped on my tail.  Hard.

I shrieked at the top of my lungs and darted across the room, hiding underneath the couch as I glared balefully.  It was to the guy’s credit that he immediately pushed himself away from my roommate.  “Fuck,” he said.  “I think I stepped on your cat.”

“He’s fine,” my roommate said.  Jesus, the guy could have been at least a little concerned.  I was going to pee on his fresh laundry for that.  Assuming I could sneak into the bedroom where the clean clothes were, anyway, considering I wasn’t allowed in there.  Something about the roommate not liking it when I decided he needed a bath at the crack of dawn.  Not my fault the guy’s lazy.

“But…”  The boyfriend hesitated, bringing my estimation of him up another notch.  At least he was concerned.  At least, he was until the roommate slid a hand down his pants.

“Later,” my roommate told him.  “Bedroom now.”

The managed to make it out of the living room, and I rolled my eyes.  Great, now I was probably going to have to listen to them the rest of the night.  Just what I always wanted – I was never going to be able to sleep now.

It was several hours later and full dark out before the moaning and wailing finally stopped.  I was just about to doze off in the roommate’s recliner when I heard the bedroom door open.  I expected it to be my roommate, but it was the boyfriend instead.

“There you are,” he said softly when he saw me.  “Greg’s already asleep, but I was worried I’d hurt you, so I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

I raised my head and tilted it as I looked at him.  The fact that he was concerned about me already made me like him more than I’d liked any of the roommate’s other boyfriends.  He approached me slowly and I waited where I was, tensing to run if I needed to.  Surprisingly, he didn’t try to pick me up and touch me uninvited.  Instead, he merely held out his hand so I could sniff at his fingers.  I sniffed politely and was eternally grateful that I could smell soap and not the remains of their play.

He lowered his hand and sat on the couch, looking at me.  I watched him for a moment, then jumped dowm from my perch and crossed the room to him, leaping onto his lap.  He looked both surprised and pleased when I curled up, and he started to pet me slowly.  My response was to purr immediately.  The guy definitely had a way with cats.

“Babe?  Why’re you out here?”

We both looked towards the hallway, where my sleepy roommate stood.

“I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t hurt him,” the boyfriend said.  “He’s a sweet cat, I like him.”

“I’m surprised he’s letting you pet him.  He tried to disembowel my last boyfriend.”

I had not.  I’d merely scratched the guy in the gut when he tried to flip me onto my back in his lap.  I hated that.

“Yeah, well, your last boyfriend probably did something he didn’t like,” the boyfriend said sharply.  “He’s a good cat.”

“I’m pretty fond of him,” my roommate said.  “You coming to bed?”

“Can I bring the cat?”

My roommate rolled his eyes.  “Fine, but you get to deal with him when he wants to groom one of us at five in the morning.”

I found myself being lifted gently into the boy friend’s arms.  “That’s fine, I grew up with cats.  I’ll sleep right through it.”

He rubbed his fingers against the side of my head as he carried  me towards the bedroom.  I decided my roommate could keep this one.  And maybe I wouldn’t pee in the clean laundry after all.