Magic Fell

Magic has been missing from the world for a millennium, and it’s needed now more than ever. It falls to young Tasis Kadara to revive the fabled Mages’ Guild of the Dragon’s Claw. But in a culture where arcane power is forbidden and practitioners are executed, Tasis will have to keep his own aptitude for magic secret.

Magic Wept

The mad king of Archai is searching for an ancient weapon that promises the destruction of the newly resurrected Mages' Guild of the Dragon's Claw. Unfortunately for him, Kelwin and a very awkward priest's apprentice by the name of Jorget are determined to protect everything Tasis has rebuilt, no matter the cost.

Magic Triumphed

Zaree Muna would follow her brother Tasis anywhere, but she never imagined that path to lead to the Maker herself, who predicts three deaths will occur as the battle to save their world from Archai and a jealous god nears. Two of those deaths will be loved ones, and if things go wrong, the third death could spell the end of everything.

Starting With the Unexpected

Zachary Blaise has just been dumped via text. Only problem? He's gay, and the text in question was sent by a complete stranger named Marian. And unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) Marian has secrets that are going to make some serious ripples in Zach’s life.

Krampus Hates Christmas

Karl Kringle hates the modern-day Christmas. Lewis Weatherby loves the holidays and always has. Somehow, the two are a match made in heaven. But if Lewis discovers that Karl is actually Krampus, the horned satyr of the holidays, it could all go to hell.
"Mischief creates memories that we always remember, much more so than the everyday things of life."

Space (as in outer) tech minion by day and LGBTQ+ fiction author by night, Ander (Andi) Van enjoys a shot of rum while smashing preconceived notions and giving society in general the finger. When they're not busy being kind of a jerk, they're watching too much anime and really wishing they could sleep. Despite the chronic insomnia and constant panic, sometimes they make sense. Maybe. Sort of. Not really. They're also probably being haunted by the ghost of a small furry thing named Koi, if the randomly-appearing cat toys are any indication.

Ander is enby, transmasc, and ace. (Also, according to more than one of their friends, a fluffy evil kitten.) They/them, please. They're really tired of people she-ing on them.
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